Counselling is an investment.

It is an investment in your own health, wellness, and vitality, but it is also an investment on behalf of others. As you experience healing yourself, you are able to offer increasing goodness to those around you. You flourish, and you bless others to do the same.

Counselling is a gift for now and an inheritance of peace for the generations who come after you.

I generally offer individual counselling to adults and kids of every age. My standard rate is $168 CAD total per 50-minute virtual session. Extended sessions are available and prorated accordingly.

I also offer coaching sessions to adults for deeper engagement with their stories. My rates for this are the same as above.

Lastly, I offer day-long healing intensives for individuals. The intensive day is an opportunity to set aside more significant time to explore your story and heal from past harm, and is available in either a therapeutic or coaching context.

The intensive day is virtual at present and includes the following:

  • 30-minute introductory session together before our intensive
  • pre-work engagement—including writing a narrative of past harm or trauma—before our intensive
  • 4 hours of virtual sessions together on our intensive day
  • 30-minute debrief session after our intensive

Total cost for the intensive day is $1,000 USD or $1,300 CAD, and a non-refundable deposit is required to secure your spot. Please inquire to apply for an intensive.